Sunday School Ministry

What is Sunday School?

  • A time to lay the groundwork for salvation
  • A time for learning basic truths from God’s Word
  • A time to grow spiritually
  • A time to internalize Biblical knowledge while being encouraged to live for Christ
  • A guide for using all of God’s Word as god intended
  • a spiritual development plan for the ENTIRE church

A time to Grow

Our Sunday School program is an encouraging time of learning for children, youth, and adults.  Our goal is to help believers of all ages to grow and mature in Christ through teaching and discussion in small groups, with an emphasis on application.

Our Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) groups meet during Sunday School time for adults wishing to grow in their walk with the Lord and knowledge of the Bible.

Our adversary knows that the only dangerous Christians are the informed and active Christians.  He doesn’t mind it when Christians are lazy, apathetic and ignorant.  That’s why we make it a priority here at Shannon Baptist to “equip the Saints” and empower Christians to be faithful and “dangerous” Christians, fighting against the lies of the Devil.

Adult Bible Fellowship classes

Our current ABF classes:

Small Groups

  • January
    • Gary Ruter
  • February
    • Elliot Buroff
  • March
    • Luke Glendenning
  • April
    • Pastor Justin