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The Most Important Thing...
Life gets really busy, but the most important thing in life only takes a few minutes...
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Bethel Baptist Church - IL
Grace Baptist Church - IN
Mount Calvary Baptist Church - SC
New Life Baptist Church - IL
New York Gospel Ministries
Reformers Unanimous
Trinity Baptist Church - NH

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Berean Baptist Church - Rock Falls
First Baptist Church - Rockford
Faith Baptist Church - Sterling
First Baptist Church - Rochelle
First Baptist Church - Pecatonica

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The information below was written by members of our staff. Reading the various items will both enrich you and give you an excellent idea of what our church is about.

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How We Got Our Bible
The Bible Works
Life In Christ
Grow In Christian Character
Time Management: The Time Of Your Life [. pdf ]
Stress Management [. pdf ]
Making A Masterpiece Marriage ...Even If It Is A Mess!
Evangelism: 5 Truths [. pdf ]
Forgiveness [. pdf ]
The Basics [. pdf ]
Pilgrim's Progress [.pdf]
Prayer [. pdf ]
Revelation [. pdf ]
Stewardship [. pdf ]
Baptist Trademarks [ .pdf ]

What the Bible Says about…

A Christian's Apparel
Christ's Deity
Divorce and Remarriage
Faith and Repentance
God's Forgiveness
The Rapture
Resolving Conflicts
The Resurrection
Church Membership: Should I Join?


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